Welcome to Wot-Sound, where you can hear music written, mixed and produced by ChubbyJ (aka Justin Langlands from Pressure Drop).

Please click a numbered "project" button and a selection of tracks will appear. The tape will automatically start playing.

Alternatively, after choosing a project, you can click directly on the track title you want to listen to. All tracks are avaialble to license. If you'd like more information please use the email contact link provided at the bottom of the page.

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01. Let The Dog See The Rabbit
02. The Other Horse's Tale
03. Caged Tango
04. Crumbs
05. Mood Elevator Reprise
06. Mood Elevator
01. Fearless Dub
02. Original Sound Dub
03. Rhok Shok Dub
04. Tron Dub
05. Eastern Fire Dub
06. Mary Jane Dub
01. Gypsy Stomp
02. BahBahBahBah
03. All of Me
04. Sunshine Space
05. Heebeegeebee
06. Harry's On The Fiddle
01. Samba
02. Boba
03. Timbale Terror
04. Blue Beat
01. Sounds Of Time
02. The Calling
03. Dusk
04. Foetus
05. My Friend
06. Silent Movie
01. Naturally
02. We Fear Not
03. Broken Dreams
04. We Rise
05. Let Love Be